Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke

Organisational structure

The Charitable trust Sternenbrücke Children`s Hospice is the responsible body for the children`s hospice. The charitable purpose is to operate a children`s hospice (palliative and care organisation) to accommodate and look after children who are severly ill, who do not have hope of healing, who need a lot of care and who often have a short life expectancy. It also takes care of providing accommodation and therapeutic guidance to the children`s family.

The foundation was chartered on 7th September 2001. The interest earned on endowment contributions should ensure the continuing support of the children`s hospice. Sternenbrücke Children`s Hospice is accredited as a non-profit-making and benevolent organisation and is a member of the Diaconal Works, National Association Hamburg and the "Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Hospiz (LAG)".

The sponsoring association Sternenbrücke Children’s Hospice was founded in November 1999. Through its public relations work it collects donations for the conversion and day-to-day running of the hospice. This non-profit-making sponsoring organisation has currently 1.200 members (as of June 2008) and can, as a non-profit-making association, provide charitable tax receipts.

Officers in charge

Sternenbrücke Management

Ute Nerge
Initiator and head of Sternenbrücke
Children’s Nurse
Member of the Board of the charitable foundation (Deputy Chairwoman)
Chairwoman of the sponsoring association

Peer Gent
Member of the Board of the charitable foundation (Management)
Member of the Board of the sponsoring association

Tatjana Schrum
Communication & Facilities Director

Paediatrician in charge Dr. Raymund Pothmann
Member of the Board of the sponsoring association

Sternenbrücke Children’s Hospice Charitable Trust
Dr. Isabella Vértes-Schütter (Chairwoman, Manager Ernst-Deutsch-Theatre, Hamburg).
Ute Nerge (Deputy Chairwoman), Peer Gent (Management)

Board of Trustees
Dr. Ekkehard Nümann (Chairman, lawyer), Prof. Wulf-Volker Lindner (Deputy Chairman Psychoanalysis), Prof. Dr. Michael Schulte-Markwort (Head of youth and child psychosomatics at UKE), Heidi Planton (charity founder), Prof. Jobst Plog (Former head of NDR) Annegrethe Stoltenberg (Pastor and Head of the Diaconal Works, Hamburg).

Children’s Hospice Sternenbrücke Sponsoring Association Directors: Ute Nerge (Chairwoman), Jutta Brenken, Claudia Brumm, Peer Gent, Dr. Raymund Pothmann.

Sternenbrücke Children’s Hospice is a member of

And the
Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V.

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