Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke

The House

Sternenbrücke children`s hospice is a facility for children and teenagers with terminal or degenerative illness - a hospice for young patients for whom there is no cure and who have a limited period left to live. We share the path from the patient`s first knowledge of the illness through to the caring for each individual`s way of life during the dying process.

Die Sternenbrücke im FrühlingDue to familial, domestic and medical reasons, it is not always possible to cope with this at home and so Sternenbrücke children`s hospice offers a complete care programme (4 weeks per year) and also accompanies the family through the final phase of life (without time limit). For the latter phase, according to the child`s wishes, we provide comprehensive palliative care.

In an open and transparent atmosphere the loneliness and isolation of the family is eased and a feeling of security is provided. With a staff of 20 highly qualified children`s specialists, trained in palliative care, child pain therapists and paediatricians, pedagogues and grief counsellors, we accompany and support throughout the care and dying processes. The mutual respect that we have for the children, young people and their families, establishes an empathy with the staff of Sternenbrücke, which enables the remaining time for all those suffering, to be lived to the utmost fulfilment.

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